Meet The Team
Our Meet the Team series is used to spotlight our diverse Payverse team. We all come from different backgrounds but have the same goal to enable global commerce!

Sandra Blair

Many people have worked both as a consultant and a company operator, but few have been as successful at doing both as Sandra Blair. Blair, currently CEO of Payverse, has...

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Amrinder Luther

Amrinder Luther is the Financial Analyst at alternative payment processing startup, Payverse. In addition to Finance, he holds responsibilities for various other departments at Payverse...

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Rodrique Fru

Rodrique Fru is an accomplished technology professional with a proven track record in leadership roles and extensive experience in software engineering. With a strong foundation in Software Engineering, he holds a Master's degree from Southern Polytechnic University....

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Levi Stanley

Over the last 20+ years, Levi has worked in various industries.  He worked on a few knowledge management solutions for Goddard Space Center as a developer for KMLab headed by Dr. Irma Beccara Fernandez...

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