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Payverse® is proud to offer low cost, global, push to card remittance services to US businesses and consumers through Money Express, UnionPay's remittance product.

Remittance Market Statistics

In 2020, China was the 2nd largest remittance receiving country at $59B after India

The global remittance market is projected to reach $930B in 2026

As of 2019, the US is the largest remittance outflow country in the world

The average YoY remittance increase into China was 3.93% over 2010-2020

Money Express Flow

Benefits of MoneyExpress

  • AML/BSA monitored and compliant
  • Customer support 24x7x365 days a year
  • MoneyExpress can be used as a P2P, B2B, B2C remitter
  • UnionPay manages currency exchange at its lowest rates
  • Securely send funds to debit and credit accounts in real time or no more than 12 hours
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