Global Remittance
Payverse is proud to offer low cost, global, push to card remittance services to US businesses through services such as Visa Direct and remittance to UnionPay cards

Global Remittance Services We Offer

Payverse offers remittances to 95% of the world's credit and debit cards.
We leverage the top three card networks in the world.

Visa Direct - Remittance to Visa and Mastercard cards:

Visa Direct remittances allows you for you to send money to 180 countries

Visa Direct remittances offer fast and secure payments

Visa Direct remittances lets you reach both Visa and Mastercard cards

MoneyExpress - Remittance to China/Unionpay cards:

UnionPay’s remittance service allows for push to card payments in real time

UnionPay’s remittance service leverages the existing UnionPay Global Network to securely send funds to all 9 Billion UnionPay cards

Replace outdated methods of transferring funds at a fraction of their cost

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