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The Payverse platform enables global technologies to connect cultures and commerce across the globe.
Connectivity Unbounded.

Leveraging our UnionPay International direct connection, Payverse enables global commerce and payment acceptance for billions of UnionPay cards for U.S. merchants, including debit, credit and prepaid cards.

The Opportunity
U.S. merchants that accept UnionPay cards are restricted in the number of UnionPay cards they can process. Additionally, UnionPay cards in the U.S. have low approval rates and low margin for commercial payments.

At the same time, UnionPay has issued more than 9 billion debit and credit cards--more than Visa and Mastercard combined--since 2002. Of these 9+ billion UnionPay cards, more than 60% are debit cards that can only be processed through specific UnionPay networks, such as Payscout.

That means U.S. merchants are potentially missing out on millions of dollars in transactions for UnionPay cardholders, both in the U.S. and across the globe through e-commerce acceptance.

The Solution
Payverse designed and built a comprehensive payments platform that supports every aspect of the customer lifecycle, specializing in global e-commerce payment acceptance. Our end-to-end lifecycle management solution spans the sales process, onboarding, risk management, transaction processing, funding, statements, and reporting. All of this with the power of choice for our customers.

The Payverse platform is scalable--from a turnkey API-friendly solution to a white-label, full-scale operations solution, we've thought of everything our clients need across several channels including UnionPay International members, payment processors, direct merchants, ISV/tech partners, ISO agents, and wholesale ISOs.

Who we serve

Our Channels

UnionPay International organizations in need of a U.S. sponsor bank.
Wholesale ISOs & Processors
Merchant acquirers and processors that want to add broader UnionPay acceptance to their portfolios.
ISOs & Agents
Merchant acquirers that want to add broader UnionPay acceptance by differentiating their platform.
ISV & Technology Partners
Software providers that want to add UnionPay payments to their software platforms.
Direct Merchants
Merchants that want to add UnionPay acceptance to their current payment processing capabilities.
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The numbers are staggering! The Payverse platform can enable U.S. merchant payment acceptance for more than 9 billion UnionPay credit and debit cards and can be utilized by traditional processors.
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