Meet the Team: Levi Stanley

Director of Engineering:
Levi Stanley

April 28, 2022 -- Sherman Oaks, California
Over the last 20+ years, Levi has worked in various industries.  He worked on a few knowledge management solutions for Goddard Space Center as a developer for KMLab headed by Dr. Irma Beccara Fernandez.  He worked on the second-largest affiliate system in the US. 

As for his work on financial processing systems, he has worked on Alto Billing, Alto Shield, 3CInterative, 365 Billing, OPS Billing, Jettis International, white-labeled his financial transaction system for several years.  

While working for Communication Consulting Group, he designed a debit card system that worked with Solspark before it was purchased by FirstData.  

As the Director of Engineering at Payverse, Levi hopes to be exposed to many more domains to try to understand and help build an even more flexible system.

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